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Crystal Century Investment

Crystal Century Investment is an independent, boutique wealth management firm focused on providing a comprehensive suite of financial planning, investment management and alternative investment solutions to a global client base comprised of private investors and institutions.

About Crystal Century Investment

Best-in-class approach

For over 30 years, Crystal Century Investment has worked in partnership with clients in pursuit of long-term wealth creation. We are dedicated to maintaining deep relationships as we work towards creating satisfaction through a best-in-class approach to dynamic financial management.

As a leading investment advisory, we are ultimately judged on our performance to deliver results in line with client expectations. We take the time to understand client specific goals and develop realistic strategies that seek to deliver a series of desired outcomes.

Core values

Since 1984, Crystal Century Investment has been governed by a set of core values that have shaped the way conduct our practice whilst ingraining a recognized identity as an employer and investment management of choice. Our core values serve as our enduring tenets and as they guide our principle decision making policies towards areas of best practice.

Putting clients first

The success of our business is highly dependent on that of our clients. We believe that our success becomes a direct result of each decision we make, as we strive to enhance the value of wealth in pursuit of realized aspirations. Long-standing, multi-generational relationships have proven to be the life-blood of our firm. Only by putting the best interests of client ahead of the firm are we able to maintain our status as a leading provider of bespoke financial services.

Our proven ability to meet clients needs irrespective of market conditions is a testament to a proactive management style, as we continue to improve our processes in line with market conditions and circumstantial change, that evolve as clients progress through the stages of life.

Team based approach

Our greatest asset and the driver of success is our people. Our recruitment processes are inspired by a culture of diversity as our team based approach creates an environment where individuals can excel and grow to realize their potential. We believe that strength in numbers in a team based situation helps our people to leverage upon the shared experiences and capabilities of their peers.

Collective thought, discussion and strategy generation has been a key to the innovative approach our clients have become accustomed to over the years. We develop an understanding whereby common goals are shared, which in turn creates a heightened sense of responsibility to act upon consensus with transparency and accountability.

Driven to succeed

With a culture heavily geared towards success, Crystal Century Investments empowers great people to challenge their boundaries in order to surpass themselves. We place faith that our people will consistently deliver in line with the high expectations we place on them. Success is measured by flawless execution and an dedicated attention to quality. We work to improve on our internal processes by celebrating our success and learning from our failures.

About Crystal Century Investment

The decisions you make at each stage of your life can have long-lasting implications on the value of your wealth.

Crystal Century Investment's capabilities help clients from all walks of life to evaluate their choices, overcome their challenges and to provide impartial guidance to preserve and grow wealth over the long-term.

Our Capabilities

Our leaders are committed to the development of a culture that prioritizes diversity and encourages inclusion.

Diversity and inclusion plays an important part in our long-term pursuit of achieving our business goals. We believe that achieving our goals is highly dependent on the quality of our people and by the way we nurture their abilities.

Diversity and Inclusion

We are responsible for the wellbeing of all those connected to our firm. Our clients place their trust in our ability to guide their wealth towards a sustainable lifestyle of comfort. Our people rely on our business ethics to maintain our position as employer of choice.

Stewardship & Governance

Comprehensive financial management

Private Wealth Management

For over 30 years Crystal Century Investment has been helping individuals and their families to protect and preserve the value of their wealth.

Located in Hong Kong and New York, and with a staff of more than 300 associates, Crystal Century Investment continues to deliver a comprehensive suite of wealth management services to meet the individual needs of each client under management.