Alternative Investment

Discover alternative forms of portfolio diversification

Alternative Investment

The principle rule in support of efficient portfolio management is to diversify assets across different classes to mitigate the risk inherent to investment.

At Crystal Century Investment, we believe that alternative investment classes offer private investors and institutions with additional diversification benefits on top of more traditional asset class options.

Alternative Investment

What are Alternatives?

Alternative investments have become a viable option as private investors and those at the institutional level, look to safeguard portfolio performance against the potential risk that both equities and bonds perform poorly during the same period of any given market cycle.

Institutional level investments

For investors seeking a more sophisticated approach to the management of their assets, Crystal Century Investment presents an alternative investment offering as an effective way to diversify their portfolios. Access to alternative forms of investment have typically been reserved for institutional investors and high net worth family offices. For those with extensive capital resources, high performing investments present opportunities to capitalize on exceptional, risk-adjusted returns on investment.

Alternatives for private investors

As the global economy evolves through this period of uncertainty, the world of alternative investment has developed to accommodate the changing investment preferences of individual and institutional investors. Today, the shape of the alternative investment landscape is much different than that of only five years ago.

Many of the previous alternative offerings were subject to scrutiny due to their grey market trading and reporting structures. With more alternative options available today, regulation has improved resulting in a steep rise in investor confidence as reporting and transparency standards have been implemented to capitalize on incoming cash flows.

Benefits of Alternative Investments

Portfolios allocating a portion of their assets into alternative forms other than equites, bonds and cash have proven to withstand the effects of market volatility when compared to portfolios consisting only of traditional asset classes.

The benefits provide a portfolio with a substantial opportunity to protect against the effects of equity market volatility, to provide a hedge against inflations and to achieve a more attractive level of return.

Hedge funds are a prime example of how alternative asset allocation removes an the reliance on equities in order to realize an appropriate level of return. Private equity positions can also support portfolios with significant returns in proportion to those available through publicly traded equity markets.

Our Alternative Offering

Crystal Century Investment leverages upon strong alternative investment credentials. Globally positioned, our research resources and execution capabilities have helped private investors and institutions to manage their alternative strategies for more than two decades.

Our global footprint enables us to closely track complex and dynamic alternative market movements. We are ideally positioned to capitalize on value driven opportunities as we expertly match a range of alternative investments with the risk/reward profiles of our clients.




Secondary market alternative investments present private investors and institutions with access to liquid private equity placements.



Incorporating alternative funds as part of a diversified portfolio provides investors with the potential to stabilize returns irrespective of market conditions.