Alternative Strategies

Anticipating specific outcomes

Alternative Investment Strategies

Alternative investment funds typically target specific strategy in anticipation of specific outcomes.

Crystal Century Investment provides private investors and institutional clients with access to alternative funds whose strategies focus on liquid and flexible management styles that leverage in short positions to capitalize on market turbulence as asset values fluctuate during the course of any given economic cycle.

Alternative Investment Strategies

Alternative fund strategies

Incorporating alternative funds as part of a diversified portfolio provides investors with the potential to stabilize returns irrespective of the way traditional asset classes move.

  • Global-macro - Seeking absolute investment returns, our global-macro focuses on macroeconomic insights to drive directional and relative value in anticipation of price movements. A robust knowledge of developed and emerging markets is central to the way global-macro funds are managed.
  • Event driven - Strategies focus on assets allocation with low correlation to traditional markets to limit the effects of volatility in line with positive return profiles. With an emphasis on asset preservation, management styles invest in bottom-up relative value in anticipation of opportunities driven by a range of events.
  • Multi-asset Relative - Absolute return strategies with low market correlation. Volatility arbitrage is managed through a multi-asset approach as managers seek to capitalize on relative value movements.
  • Commodity Relative - Sustaining returns on investment irrespective of market conditions with low correlation to traditional classes. Active management styles invest in relative value opportunities with a deep knowledge of global commodity market fundamentals.
  • Long/Short Equity - Delivery of equity-like returns with a focus on reducing the effects of volatility typically associated with long equity holding positions. Managers focus on diligent asset selection, adjusting balance exposure as markets fluctuate.

For individual & their families

Private Wealth Management

For over 30 years Crystal Century Investment have been helping individuals and their families to protect and preserve the value of their wealth.

Located in Hong Kong and New York, and with a staff of more than 300 associates, Crystal Century Investment continues to deliver a comprehensive suite of wealth management services to meet the individual needs of each client under management.

Private Wealth Management Services

Private Wealth Management

A comprehensive suite of wealth solutions helping investors to address the challenges they face under the current economic climate.

Asset Management

Investments & Asset Management

Investment management incorporating tailored asset allocation strategies to promote the most favorable outcomes irrespective of market conditions.

Wealth Planning Services

Wealth Planning

Integrating the individual components of your financial affairs into an efficient wealth structure that evolves as your priorities change through the course of life.