Asset Allocation Strategies

Asset Allocation Strategies

In pursuit of a philosophy dictating returns on an absolute basis, strategic and tactical asset allocation strategies remain an integral driver as we strive to meet client expectations. Since different asset classes respond sporadically to changes in the environment, grouping several together as part of a diversified portfolio reduces the effect of poor performance of any one asset class over a given period of time.

Tactical asset allocation

Tactical asset allocation is managed on a discretionary level as strategies seek to provide progressive sources of investment return. Crystal Century Investment leverages upon its global presence as assets are allocated in line with client specific objectives. Our capabilities are driven by an interdependent focus across investment disciplines, regions and sectors, as we seek to uncover value at each stage of the identification and execution process.

Goals of tactical asset allocation

  • Manage volatility through ranges and limit explicit drawdown effects
  • Outperform individual benchmarks based on an absolute return policy
  • Alpha generation through identification of value securities

Proven investment process

Investment Framework

Our investment strategy is built on a framework that prioritizes returns on an absolute basis, driven by a value investment philosophy that has served the best interests of investors for over 30 years.

Portfolio solutions

Discretionary portfolio solutions designed to relieve investors of the arduous processes involved in efficiently managing a globally diversified pool of assets.


Asset allocation

Strategic and tactical asset allocation tailored around the needs and aspirations of each client under consideration of client specific circumstances.


Fixed income

Informed by a multidisciplinary approach to fixed income research, our solutions meet the dynamic objectives of investors whose income requirements are bound by a variance of risk dimensions.


Equity strategies

Proficient across a number of disciplines and regions, our equity approach is designed to help investors capitalize on flexible strategies that leverage on both core and satellite asset allocations.