Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

Inspired by a diversity culture

Crystal Century Investment has ingrained a culture of diversity and inclusion that stems from a history of putting the interests of clients ahead of our firm.

Providing each client with a best-in-class investment experience is the result of a unified team approach that is inter-connected as a core function of performance across the entire organization.

Diversity & Inclusion

Challenging the status quo

To achieve our goals and to realize those of our clients, we believe that our professionals must possess a number of conforming attributes in order to match their expertise with the requirements and demands of a dynamic client base.

Our professionals are required to call upon their broad range of experiences, skills and intuition as we continue to anticipate the evolving needs of investors. We empower teams to challenge the status quo in pursuit of exceeding the expectations our clients have of us. We believe that including our professionals as part of the management process helps to elevate performance as individuals strive to deliver their best for the good of themselves, the firm, and their clients.

Improving our processes

Crystal Century Investment's philosophy towards diversity and inclusion remains an integral part of an ongoing strategy in pursuit of an advantage that is repeatable by none. We believe that our approach to people management results in a distinguished perception in the eyes of our clients.

Ultimately, we are judged on our performance as financial managers and through the delivery of our administrative services. Having the best and brightest talent to represent Crystal Century Investment remains central to maintaining client satisfaction.

Proven investment process

Investment Framework

Our investment strategy is built on a framework that prioritizes returns on an absolute basis, driven by a value investment philosophy that has served the best interests of investors for over 30 years.

Portfolio solutions

Discretionary portfolio solutions designed to relieve investors of the arduous processes involved in efficiently managing a globally diversified pool of assets.


Asset allocation

Strategic and tactical asset allocation tailored around the needs and aspirations of each client under consideration of client specific circumstances.


Fixed income

Informed by a multidisciplinary approach to fixed income research, our solutions meet the dynamic objectives of investors whose income requirements are bound by a variance of risk dimensions.


Equity strategies

Proficient across a number of disciplines and regions, our equity approach is designed to help investors capitalize on flexible strategies that leverage on both core and satellite asset allocations.