Equity Strategies

Principle drivers of wealth generation

Equity Strategies

With locations in the very heart of New York and Hong Kong, Crystal Century Investment provides investors with access to over 25 of the world's major stock exchanges.

Our comprehensive platform is comprised of up to 13,000 tradable securities enabling investors to capitalize on sector performance whilst participating through a number of key performing economies.

Equity Strategies

Balanced returns in line with market conditions

In pursuit of value creation, we work closely with clients as together we examine strategic ideas based entirely on individual investment preferences and targeted objectives.

Balancing client specific needs in line with market conditions is an ongoing process. With the help of our in-house research hand investment teams, we are able to strategically allocate assets to encourage performance in accordance with preferred outcomes.

Futures and options

To compliment equity management performance, our futures and options strategies enhance risk-adjusted performance for investors looking to hedge positions in view of directional performance.

Whilst such strategies demand a more proactive management approach, clients are able to leverage upon the benefits provided to the overall workings of a diversified portfolio through index and stock futures and options.

Equity mutual funds

Allocating a portfolio of investment capital into an established mutual fund is most suited for investors who prefer to participate in equity positions as part of a larger collective.

Crystal Century Investment provides exposure to a range of high quality equity mutual funds whose benefits differ according to the asset allocation policies of select funds.

Our third-party equity mutual funds are recommended on a number of variables and are highly relative to the investment preferences of of individual clients. Stock allocations, thematic approaches and sector spreads are considered to align with return expectations under consideration of acceptable levels of risk.

We constantly screen market opportunities and select mutual funds based on manager performance, quantitative and qualitative parameters. Our in-depth research and analysis combined with fund manager engagement enables us to position clients under the guidance of world class investment ideas.

Asset management

Investment management incorporating tailored asset allocation strategies to promote the most favorable outcomes irrespective of market conditions.