Fixed Income Strategies

Fixed Income

Crystal Century Investment offers a number of fixed income strategies to meet the individual preferences of investors in consideration of tax status, country of residence, horizon targets and cash-flow needs.

Our strategies range from actively-managed fixed income funds to individual solutions presented on a case-by-case basis.

Debt mutual funds

Third party access to a broad range of debt mutual funds helping to stabilize the more volatile effects of equity market investments. Diversifying debt positions builds additional layers of protection against unforeseen events at both the micro and marco-economic level.

Strategies are built to compliment the structure of an existing portfolio and are considered to offer investors with a flexible, liquid investment position.


Our capabilities extend into the issue of bond positions in the primary and secondary markets to facilitate a longer-term strategy in line with predetermined time horizon and maturity value conditions.

Bond issues are frequently available in a number of forms ranging from corporate issues, government and sovereign bond issues.

Absolute-return solutions

Fixed income solutions have in some instances evolved from a stabilizing component into a more aggressive form in pursuit of returns on an absolute basis.

Whilst such fixed income strategies demand a more proactive management approach, investors are increasingly turning towards fixed income solutions that incorporate multiple sources of diversification under consideration of fundamental and quantitative analysis that combines a top-down, bottom-up formulation process.

Fixed Income Diagram

Planning for life's events

Maximize your financial efficiency as your preferences evolve at each stage of the life cycle.