Investment Framework

Proven investment process

Investment Framework

Our investment strategy is built on a framework that prioritizes returns on an absolute basis, driven by a value investment philosophy that has served the best interests of investors for over 30 years.

Investment Framework

Sustainable return, acceptable risk

Leveraging upon over three decades of investment management experience, Crystal Century Investment continues to approach investment in a manner which has successfully served our clients across multiple generations.

We utilize a mix of internal capabilities to combine with our global focus on the delivery of diversified investment opportunities.

Client investment experience

We believe that this approach provides us with an edge as we seek to deliver a best-in-class investment experience for our global client base. Integrating top quality management with dedicated teams consisting of leading financial specialists, we present investors with realistic solutions to overcome the obstacles they face under the current economic climate.

Independent, flexible, impartial

As an independent organization, Crystal Century Investment remains free from the constraints of a higher power. We view this independence as our advantage as we work to develop custom financial solutions to meet the individual needs of our clientele.

We do not sell products or pre-packaged portfolios. Instead, we determine the investment preferences, needs and aspirations of each client, and allocate assets across a diversified platform in pursuit of realizing strategic objectives.

This flexible approach has served our clients with success through a number of economic cycles. Our ability to be flexible in the choices we make, provides us with the freedom to capitalize on opportunities as they emerge, whilst defending against the potential effect of unfavorable market conditions.

Furthermore, as we are bound only to the duty of our client's financial wellbeing, our advice remains free from the conflicts of interest more often associated with larger financial institutions. As such, our recommendations remain impartial and our advice is presented in very the best interests of our clients.

Investment Framework Model

Efficient allocation of assets

In pursuit of a philosophy dictating returns on an absolute basis, strategic and tactical asset allocation strategies remain an integral driver as we strive to meet client expectations.