Investment Management

Contemporary investment solutions

Investment Management

Crystal Capital Investment was founded to improve the life's of private investors and their families.

After more than 30 years of providing investment management services and comprehensive wealth solutions, we remain committed to our mission of protecting and growing the wealth of our clients.

Investment Management Services

Investing on proven fundamentals

We adhere to a number of proven fundamentals that prioritizes an absolute returns philosophy over the course a predetermined maturity horizon. Whilst value identification remains at the core of our investment philosophy, we have evolved in line with market conditions to present clients with further opportunities within the alternative investment arena.

Such opportunities work to compliment the performance of more traditional assets as part of a diversified portfolio. In this instance, portfolios under our management are typically designed to deliver stable returns through a risk-adjusted selection process that adheres to the principles of sustainable performance irrespective of economic conditions.

Under an absolute returns philosophy, clients are presented with a performance benchmark unique to their own investment strategy. We believe that by providing a custom benchmark, clients are better positioned to judge our performance in line with the expectations we set.

Flexible investment platform

Leveraging upon our global presence, Crystal Century Investment provides clients with access to a diversified range of proprietary and nonproprietary investment solutions, spanning a broad array of asset classes and geographies.

Our investment management capabilities are distinguished by our ability to work in partnership with each client as together we work towards the development of an investment plan best suited to the individual needs of each client.

Discretionary Investment Management

Our discretionary investment management services are ideal for those who do not have the time or lack the necessary know-how required to efficiently manage their own investment affairs.

Clients choosing to avail our discretionary services are required to discuss their requirements, aspirations and reasons for investment with a qualified Crystal Century portfolio specialist. Understanding where clients are in the present and what they want to achieve in the future forms the foundations of a client investment profile that is unique to each individual under our care.

Investments are selected in accordance with preferences, as portfolios are designed to provide for day-to-day requirements whilst working towards meeting longer-term objectives.

Whilst our discretionary services seek to relieve clients of the rigors involved, our specialists maintain close communication at the convenience of each client. The purpose of which is to deliver periodic performance updates, combined with forecast expectations, and where necessary, provide recommendations to the allocation balance as markets move or personal circumstances change.

Investment Advisory Solutions

Suitable for investors who prefer to take a more active approach in the management of their own assets, our investment advisory services provide sophisticated investors with detailed insights into the functions of asset identification and allocation efficiencies.

We work closely with clients on an advisory capacity, assessing existing financial structures and addressing areas of investment strategy that are failing to perform to their potential. Our advisory services provides access to a wealth of internal resources whilst leveraging upon our global network of associates whose opportunities are typically reserved for large institutions.

Investment Framework

Leveraging upon over three decades of investment management experience, Crystal Century Investment continues to approach investment in a manner which has successfully served our clients across multiple generations.

We utilize a mix of internal capabilities to combine with our global focus on the delivery of diversified investment opportunities.

Investment Framework

Portfolio Solutions

Our discretionary investment solutions are designed to meet the specific allocation needs of private investors who prefer to delegate the responsibilities that come with effective investment management to a dedicated team of financial specialists.

Portfolio Solutions

Asset Allocation Strategies

In pursuit of a philosophy dictating returns on an absolute basis, strategic and tactical asset allocation strategies remain an integral driver as we strive to meet client expectations.

Since different asset classes respond sporadically to changes in the environment, grouping several together as part of a diversified portfolio reduces the effect of poor performance of any one asset class over a given period of time./

Asset Allocation Strategies

Fixed Income Strategies

Crystal Century Investment offers a number of fixed income strategies to meet the individual preferences of investors in consideration of tax stars, country of residence, horizon targets and cash-flow needs.

Our strategies range from actively-managed fixed income funds to individual solutions presented on a case-by-case basis./

Fixed Income Strategies

Equity Strategies

With locations in the very heart of New York and Hong Kong, Crystal Century Investment provides investors with access to over 25 of the world's major stock exchanges.

Our comprehensive platform is comprised of up to 13,000 tradable securities enabling investors to capitalize on sector performance whilst participating through a number of key performing economies.

Equity Strategies