Portfolio Solutions

Portfolio Solutions

Our discretionary investment solutions are designed to meet the specific allocation needs of private investors who prefer to delegate the responsibilities that come with effective investment management to a dedicated team of financial specialists.

At Crystal Century Investment, we know that no two clients are the same. To accommodate the wide variances of investor needs and preferences, our actively management discretionary solutions are tailored to meet the specific investment requirements of each client under our care.

Total portfolio solutions

Our discretionary portfolio solutions are designed to provide clients with realistic opportunities as they seek to realize levels performance that satisfy immediate and long-term financial requirements. Whilst individual portfolios are developed in line with client specific objectives, eventual outcomes are categorized into five distinctive investment styles based on a tolerance towards risk.

Your Crystal Century Investment specialist will work closely with you as together you identify an appropriate asset allocation strategy in line with investment goals, maturity horizon and risk tolerance.

Equity enhanced discretionary mandate

To compliment the performance of an existing portfolio, Crystal Century Investment's equity enhanced discretionary mandates seek to provide a managed global equity portfolio that incorporates a diversified asset allocation across a board range of asset classes.

The purpose of our enhanced discretionary portfolios is designed to improve the underlying risk profile of an established investment structure without impacting direction and return profile expectations.

  • US small-cap equity
  • Developed intrnational equity
  • Emerging market equity
  • REITs
  • Liquid alternatives
  • Investment grade bonds
  • Emerging market debt
  • Commodities