Stewardship & Governance

Protecting the interests of clients

Stewardship & Governance

Crystal Century Investment is registered and regulated by the The Commerce and Economic Development Bureau of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

The firm's internal stewardship and governance board facilitates the enhancement and protection of the long-term wealth of its investors.

Stewardship & Governance

Responsible investment processes

Our Stewardship and Governance team is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the financial wellbeing of our clients is placed at the forefront of every decision we make and at every stage of the value chain. Policies are put into place to enhance our research efforts in line with risk analysis and asset identification processes.

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

Conforming to best practices and safeguarding sustainability, we are committed to investing in companies who share likeminded values on the accountability and awareness of ESG effects. Our stewardship team communicates with leaders of high-value companies to remain abreast of international best practices and policy advancements.

We incorporate innovative ideas into our own evolving policy platform and relay concepts with companies to ensure values are aligned as long-term perspectives shape strategic direction in anticipation of improved benefits for stakeholders, investors and clients.

Protecting investor interests

Performance analysis plays only one part in our due diligence process as we seek to protect the value of assets invested under our guidance. Investing in companies at the institutional level, promotes Crystal Century Investment into a position of authority as we look to exercise our shareholder rights on our clients behalf.

Internally, we encourage our analysts to vote on a range of issues relative to the investments we hold on our platform. Most recently, the Stewardship and Governance team have introduced a more rigorous approach to in-house voting systems by applying a case-by-case analysis structure on the majority of public equity holdings positioned under our management.

Total portfolio solutions

Discretionary portfolio solutions designed to relieve investors of the arduous processes involved in efficiently managing a globally diversified pool of assets.