Wealth Planning

Prepare for life's events

Wealth Planning

At Crystal Century we believe that effective wealth planning is the process and integration of the individual components that form you financial life.

Our goal is to help you maximize your financial efficiency as your preferences evolve at each stage of the life cycle. We listen to you and act upon your needs by presenting new opportunities to align with your circumstances.

Tax advice and tax planning

Making sure that you are paying just the right amount of tax is critical to the efficiency of your long-term wealth. Crystal Century Investment offers individual tax advice to clients in consideration of their financial structures and their country of domicile.

We analyze existing financial structures, provide tax efficient investment recommendations, and create long-term tax planning strategies to enhance the value of wealth over time.

In line with the other services we manage for you, tax considerations are managed with the following capabilities;

  • Analysis of your domestic and offshore tax position;
  • Optimization proposals for immediate, annual and long-term action;
  • Tax optimization of alternative investment transactions;
  • Business and estate succession planning;
  • Delivery of income statements and capital gains analysis for domestic and offshore tax declaration;
  • Coordinate with existing tax, legal and financial professionals.

Financial planning advisory

Crystal Century Investment provides financial planning advice to help investors create a vision of the future. Knowing that the sacrifices you make today will provide a lifestyle of comfort in the future as you prepare for events at each stage of the life cycle.

We help to identify your financial potential and present a series of plans in consideration of your current financial situation and expected future income. We address potential risk factors and provide realistic solutions as you prepare to overcome the effects caused by unforeseen events.

Ultimately, financial planning is the process of preparation as you evolve through the different stages of life. Efficient planning provides you with comfort in the knowledge that your preparation will afford a chosen lifestyle regardless of what happens in life.

Inheritance planning

Creating a plan for the distribution of your estate is perhaps the most satisfying component of the wealth planning process. Knowing that your loved ones are taken care of at the time of your passing provides a feeling of content.

Establishing an asset distribution schedule at an early stage can have profound benefits for the beneficiaries of your wealth. Our estate management specialists help identify domestic and offshore strategies in order to maximize distributed value.

Estates consisting of considerable value can benefit from tax relief through early distribution schedules. Similarly, offshore trust structures in key jurisdictions can benefit from much lower levels of tax and can be used to further enhance investment gains.




Secondary market alternative investments present private investors and institutions with access to liquid private equity placements.



Incorporating alternative funds as part of a diversified portfolio provides investors with the potential to stabilize returns irrespective of market conditions.